Whether you have chosen to work with us on a retained or contingency basis you will find our service is one of the most thorough in the business. If you are not prepared to spend the time with Green Stone to ensure we understand your business, long term objectives, influences in your market, company culture and most importantly the candidates’ skills, experience and competency’s then we will not work with you – our knowledge combined with years of experience is paramount to your success in finding the right person. Time is important to both of us.

Having checked each applicant’s written credentials, we then subject those selected as potentially suitable to an in-depth telephone screening. Only then is a short-list invited for face-to-face interviews with the consultant.

Unlike some recruitment companies, your consultant will handle the entire recruitment process: account managing clients’ vacancies and vetting candidates. In our experience this allows consultants to remain fully informed. After all, there’s no room for misinterpretation. The client also needs only one main point of contact for the entire assignment.

Depending on the vacancy in hand, we will advise on the most effective recruitment strategy; database search, advertising selection or headhunt.


Useful to network from or search recent candidates, but good people don’t last long sitting on a database and often CV’s can be out of date. A Database Search should not be any longer than two weeks and if no suitable candidates are found then a more targeted approach is needed.


Advertising is effective to attract from a general market, country or indirect competitor. This can be an effective way of a candidate finding out more information, often they may not see the advert but someone in their network does. The client may also use advertising as branding to let candidates know about projects or expansion.


The best candidate is not always looking; a Headhunt Search will find them. This method is ideal when recruiting from a niche market or direct competitor, to proactively target and approach suitable candidates.

So whatever the vacancy, whatever the department, whatever the company or country – we have the resources to find you the right person, right now.