Let’s face it – every business is in business to make money. However, we believe this must be done with honesty, integrity and with a little bit of hard work. Whilst we operate as an independent recruitment company, we abide by the standards set by our trade body,
The Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Through this, we are committed to the REC Code of Good Practice which provides you with a series of quality assurances.

We also comply with all relevant legislation and have fair and honest terms and conditions of business as well as actively promoting diversity and equal opportunities and respect confidentiality for clients and candidates alike.

  • Every candidate is interviewed face-to-face before meeting the client.
  • As standard practice, we will verify all shortlisted candidates’ qualifications.
  • Once an offer has been verbally accepted, we will complete one reference from a direct line manager of the candidate.



“Good people don’t cost, they pay for themselves.”

A bad hire is de-motivating to others in the business and you are watching first hand your time, hard work, profits and often your clients walk out the door to the competitor!