… or at least getting a second interview.

If you are interested in the job and want a second interview, say something like this: “I am very impressed with what I have seen here today – your company, its products/services and the people I have met”.

For a sales-related position “I am confident that I can do an excellent job in the position you have described to me. (How soon will I be able to start?) or (When can I arrange a second interview?)”. Ask your consultant for any tips on what the interviewer is like and then read the situation – some interviewers like you to be more pushy than others.

For positions requiring less assertiveness / sales techniques “I have enjoyed talking with you. The job sounds excellent. (What are your thoughts about me?) or (Do I have the right sort of experience that you are looking for?)” This gives you a chance to hear the interviewer’s impressions and to counter any negative thoughts or misunderstandings that may come to light. They may give you feedback there and then, but it is more likely that they will call your consultant and talk to them about how you did.

Don’t be discouraged if no definite offer of a second interview is made or specific salary discussed at the first interview. The employer will probably want to communicate with his office or Green Stone first or see more candidates before making a decision.

If you get the impression that the interview is not going well and that you have already been rejected don’t let your discouragement show. Once in a while an employer who is genuinely interested may seem to discourage you in order to test your reaction.

Remember to thank the employer for his time and his consideration of you. If you have answered the two questions uppermost in the employer’s mind, namely: – Why are you interested in his company? What can you offer? then you have done all that you can.

Lastly, call your consultant after each interview and tell him/her how it went. He/she will want to hear your feedback before they call the interviewer for theirs. If you are keen and interested in the position, your consultant will stress this to the person that interviewed you and this will greatly increase your chances of getting the position.